Thermistor Probes and Assemblies

Thermistor probes are invaluable for sensing temperature levels in a variety of industries ranging from HVAC and food handling to automotive and laboratory research. In such applications, it's critical that the thermistor probe used is accurate to ensure reliable thermal monitoring. Read More
A world-class provider of thermistors and thermistor probes and assemblies, U.S. Sensor offers temperature probes designed and built from the ground up. The thermistors we use are created from a precise blend of raw materials and processed using proprietary techniques that result in superior discrete components, probes and assemblies.
U.S. Sensor manufactures laboratory grade temperature probes, surface temperature sensing probes, micro probes, as well as many others designed to suit specific applications. Our application engineers are experts in the design of temperature sensing probes and assemblies utilizing thermistors as well as RTDs suitable for the most demanding applications.

Laboratory Grade Temperature Probes

Our highly accurate laboratory grade temperature probes serve as an excellent temperature reference in food preparation, laboratories, and industrial settings, among others. Our laboratory grade temperature probes are given an NIST traceable calibration certificate with data points and a Resistance vs. Temperature (R/T) chart in 0.01°C increments.

Surface Temperature Sensing

Available in a variety of housing sizes and materials, including plastic, copper, and aluminum, this type of thermistor probe is designed and built to withstand even the most demanding commercial and industrial surface temperature sensing applications.

Micro Probes

The small size of our micro probes enable them to provide fast thermal responses. This makes them especially suitable wherever a very fast thermal response is necessary.


Need a particular type of temperature probe for an application with exacting requirements? We have a variety of options for you to choose from in this section. Our special thermistor probes have housings that can be used for food handling, industrial and consumer electronics, and more.
Feel free to browse each category to find the probe or assembly you need. If you're unsure of the type of thermistor probe or assembly that fits your requirements, our expert application engineering personnel can assist you in making the best selection or in designing a special probe or assembly specifically suited for your application. Simply fill out the Sensor Application Form and send it to us to provide us with the details.
For any inquiries about our selection of thermistor probes and assemblies, feel free to contact our product design team at


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