NTC Thermistor Products

U.S. Sensor offers a wide selection of NTC thermistors for a variety of applications in industries such as automotive, food handling and processing, telecommunications, medical and scientific research, military/defense, and consumer electronics where accurate temperature measurement and control are critical. Our NTC thermistors are manufactured using sophisticated, state-of-the-art techniques to deliver high quality products suitable for the most demanding temperature sensing applications. Read More
Thermistors exhibit a very high and precise temperature coefficient of resistance, and therefore they are temperature sensors especially suitable for numerous applications, such as:
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Temperature Control
  • Inrush Current Limiters
  • Etc.
Since Michael Faraday discovered the negative temperature coefficient in silver sulfide in 1833, thermistor technology has continually improved resulting in today's production of devices with extremely precise and stable resistance versus temperature characteristics.
NTC thermistors manufactured by U.S. Sensor have a high negative temperature coefficient of resistance, whereas U.S. Sensor RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance.
The difference in characteristics is determined by the composition of the two. NTC thermistor products are ceramic semiconductors composed of metal oxides that exhibit a very predictable and repeatable R-T characteristic. The oxides are derived from transition metals such as manganese, nickel, cobalt, and copper. In contrast, an RTD probe is fabricated using pure platinum which exhibits an electrical resistance that increases with temperature.
U.S. Sensor manufacturers an extensive variety of NTC thermistors including interchangeable thermistors, end-banded chip thermistors, laboratory grade temperature thermistors, and inrush current limiting power thermistors, among others. Product descriptions and options are available for each of our featured thermistors. Feel free to browse our selections to find the products you need.
If you are unsure of what NTC thermistor assembly you need for your application, our expert application engineering personnel can assist you in selecting the product that fits your specific requirements. A special device can also be custom-designed to your specifications. Just fill in our Sensor Application Form and send it to us.
U.S. Sensor is committed to delivering thermistor assemblies of the highest quality to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are able to achieve this through the substantial investments we’ve made in our manufacturing equipment and research as well as in the use of SPC (statistical process control) techniques throughout the manufacturing process.
For any questions regarding U.S. Sensor’s NTC thermistors, NTC sensors, or any other products manufactured by U.S. Sensor, please contact our applications engineering team at sales@ussensor.com.
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