RTD Probes and Assemblies

U.S. Sensor offers an extensive selection of RTD probe styles and assemblies to suit applications ranging from HVAC and refrigeration, foodservice processing, and microelectronics, to textile production, medical research, and petrochemical processing. We use the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality RTD probes and assemblies that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. Read More
RTDs, or resistance temperature detectors, increase in resistance as the temperature rises. They are useful for:
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Temperature Control
  • Applications requiring operation at extremely high or low temperatures
  • And much more!
The technology differs from NTC thermistors. NTC thermistors are semiconductors composed of metal oxides, and have a resistivity that decreases as temperature increases.


Resistance temperature detector probes have a precise nearly linear positive temperature coefficient of resistance that enables the user to accurately detect and measure temperature. U.S. Sensor RTD sensors are especially suitable when the application requires the device to operate at extremely high or extremely low temperatures.
U.S. Sensor offers both platinum and nickel type RTD sensors. Platinum is often the choice for an RTD probe due to its excellent stability, accuracy, and repeatability. The material further exhibits a nearly linear temperature-resistance curve over a large temperature range.
U.S. Sensor manufactures threaded, flanged, and custom-styled probes among others, available in a variety of housing materials from plastic and stainless steel, to aluminum and copper. If you need help selecting an RTD probe or assembly for your application, our highly-trained application engineering personnel can assist you in making the best selection or in designing a device to fit your specifications. Simply fill in the Sensor Application Form with your requirements and submit it to us.
U.S. Sensor strives to deliver RTD sensor probes and assemblies of the highest quality to suit applications for even the most demanding environments. Our investments in manufacturing equipment, research, as well as the SPC (statistical process control) techniques we use ensure the excellent long-term reliability of our products.
For any questions about the RTD probes and assemblies we offer, please contact our expert product design team at sales@ussensor.com.
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